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Quick Setup (BIZAIM)
The Quick Setup is showing you 4 quick steps to setup your basic website with online store.   

1. Domain Setup - Details

- Register a domain at (with a free email account) or other registrar.

- Websites: Change DNS to NS1.BIZAIM.COM and NS2.BIZAIM.COM

- Add your domain name at admin panel / URL (your login ID is your email) My Account > "My Website" and allow one business day for domain verification

- You can use any email such as hotmail or gmail for the contact within your website. You can also setup your Free email account at if you register the domain there. Otherwise, submit a ticket for your own email sever information.
2. General Setup

- URL setup: Add your registered domain

- Website Information: Add your website name, title, description and your company profile

- Email setup: Add any email that receiving message from your website contact us page
Admin user setup: change password
3. Web Design Setup

- Banner setup: Add your own banner, logo (default banner size is 1000x100 pixels, 72 dpi)
- Home Page setup: Add content
- Page Manager: Add pages
- Link Manager: Add menu links
- Content Editor: Add content, images, links and etc.
4. eCommerce Setup
- Tax: setup tax
- Shipping: setup shipping carriers and rate
- Payment: setup payment gateway for online payment (Paypal is ready)
- Images: upload images
- Category: Add category
- Items: Go to Item Manager first and then Add items
- Customer Management: member setup and management
- Order Management : Setup your order receive, auto response order confirmation and notices 

More Details
­­­After you have signed up for BizAim’s services, you will be provided with a temporary domain name. The domain name is free of charge and you can use it as long as you wish. If you want to use your own domain name, first you will need to purchase one from a registrar. And once you’ve done this, you need to change the server settings in the domain control panel. You can refer to the help pages below or you domain name’s registrar for more information.
In your website’s administrator control panel, General Setup will allow you enter information about your website or business. To get there, go to Setup and click on General Setup under it. In the General Information section, type in your business’s name, description, keywords, and so on. The website title, description, and keywords are meta-information which search engines will use to search for you website. By entering correct and relevant information in these fields, your website’s ranking will be improved in search engines. Please refer to the links below for more information about meta-information and search engines. For information about the entry page option, please refer to the link below as well. Next, enter your contact information in the corresponding section below the General Information section.
In order to receive emails from your customers, you will need to adjust the settings for your email service. If you do not have your own email account, you can purchase one from an email service provider. For example, your domain name’s registrar. However, normally if you purchase a domain name from a registrar, the registrar should have already provided email accounts for you. Next, you have to enter the email server’s settings in the Email Setup. To get there, go to Setup and click on Email Setup under it. In the SMTP Server section, you can enter the settings for outgoing email service. To obtain these settings, please refer to your email service provider. Below, you can enter the email addresses which customers can email you. For incoming email service, you can also use free webmail services such as Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo. Please refer to the help pages below for more information.
When you signed up, you are immediately a Level 1 user in your website. A Level 1 user is basically an administrator with complete control and access to the website. Comparing to Level 1, Level 2 users have less control of the website. You can add more users to your website by going to Admin User Manager under Setup. At the upper-right hand corner, click on Add New Admin User to add new users. Afterwards, give the new user a username, a password, and set which the level the user will be. Or you can allow or forbid the user’s access to each individual element or part of the website below in the Property section.
eBusiness System
This Help file includes all detailed features that may not available in your subscribed version. Please check your subscription to determine the features. You can login to your website admin and submit a ticket if you have further questions.

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If you need a domain name and email accounts, please register at You may find the details of how to manage the domain and email accounts in the help files of
If you need custom design server, please visit